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Favorite Woodworking Sites

Here are some sites I frequent.
This is where I usually buy tools, woodworking plans, unique wood and veneer.

There are some sites here where you can buy your woodworking tools cheaper, guaranteed!!!!
Some companies pay to get their name printed on tools or jigs. If you really compare tools, you will find the same tools or jigs on another site, but with the manufacturers name on it instead and you save$$$$!!


Sweet deals on Woodworking Tools!!

Delta Woodworking Tools

Dewalt Tools


Wood Turning Lathes

Lathe accessories



Free Woodworking

Got to have!
Woodcraft.com - Sign Up Today For Our FREE Woodworking Catalog

Another must have!!
Rockler.com Free Catalog page

Hard to find hardware and more
Van Dykes Restorers Catalog

A must have Lee Valley Catalog
Get both Hardware and wood tools.

MLCS Router Bits Catalog

Huge Grizzly Catalog

Woodworkers & Woodworking Artists websites

This guy does amazing work!
David J Marks

Everybody Knows Norm!!
New Yankee Workshop

Power tool? What's that??
The Woodwrights Shop

I didn't know you could do that with a router!
The Router Workshop

Two of the wackiest guys I've ever seen!
Furniture Guys

Woodworking Plans

Cheap woodworking Plans

Free Woodworking Plans

Bink's Woodworking: Free and fee plans for woodworkers of all skill levels!

Woodcraft.com - Woodworking Plans.

Cool Guitar Kits
guitar kit




Woodworking Books and Magazines

Get great deals on new and used woodworking books
Look for the new or used available from link on the book description page. You can get some books for 1/10th of new price.

Woodcraft.com - Books, DVDs,and Videos.

Wood Sources

Wood Slabs from Around The Bend Woodworks


Exotic Hardwoods

Great price on Veneer edging and packs

Want your own Web Site??
I am very frugal with my money and I shop around!! Compare and you will see this is the best deal to be found!

I have had another web site hosted with 1and1 for 4 years and have no complaints. I actually have 4 websites with different domain names sharing the same web space for under $10.00 a month. You can have your own site and have no website building experience.
As you grow your site, they have any and everything you will need!

Blog, RSS, Mailing list, SSL Certificate, Daily Backup of your Website, and a pile of free software. Just pick which package is best for your needs.

Woodcraft Magazine Subscription  at Woodcraft.com

Woodcraft Magazine Issue 5: September  2005  at Woodcraft.com

These sites are added only on the basis of their services offered and for the benefit of our visitors. KJwoodworking.com is not, in any way, responsible for these sites or their offerings.

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