Woodworking Tool Tips

Your woodworking tools are a major investment and should should be carefully chosen and taken care of.

I buy the best tool I can afford when I buy any new tools. I have learned that by shopping around and doing some research before buying a new tool you end up making a better informed decision.

I have bought power tools because they were on sale and then later regretted it because I didn't end up with a better tool. Sometimes saving by dollar you end up with a tool that does not perform as well as one that might have cost only a little more.

You must also take care of you tools by cleaning and a little maintenance. Here are some helpful links.


Tool Tips

Tool Cleaning

Etching Glass with Sandbaster

Cast iron Top Cleaning

Saw blade cleaner


Saw Blades


Table Saw blades
Band saw blades
Scroll saw blades


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