Sand Blasting

I use a sand blaster to clean metal before priming and painting. Sandblasting metal furniture will get your metal furniture ready for paint faster and with better results than sanding alone. Using a sandblaster to remove the old paint and rust is the best way to get professional results.

Check bottom of page for links to sand blasting tools and protective wear.

Ever seen old metal furniture like this? I get every piece I can to refinish and sell. Metal furniture is back in style so it sells fast and I make a good profit from it. Sandblasting this chair down to bare metal is the best and easiest way to refinish it.
Here is another sand blasting candidate. This little cart looks ugly now but after a good sandblasting and paint it will look better than new.

I made two solid oak arms for the chair. The cart got new
casters and a solid oak handle.

The wood was stained with red Mahogany and covered with three coats of polyurethane.

Paint was sprayed on with air compressor and spray gun. You will end up with a factory looking paint job verses a mediocre one if I used spray cans and using a spray gun is very easy. I use latex paint thined with a little water and get great results not to mention easy klean up.

My wife painted the vines and flowers.

This old bed stripped and sandblasted to bare metal.
Here is my sand blasting unit. It is about as cheap as it gets.

As air from an air compressor(blue hose) blows air through the gun, sand is siphoned up the black hose and forced out of the gun.

The sand does all the work.

Sandblasting is easy and can help you get better stripping results easier.
Here is the bed finished and painted. More pics of bed being sandblasted and painted with a spray gun.
All you need is to refinish your own metal furniture for yourself or to sell is an
Air Compressor with at least a 15 gallon tank.
Sand blaster
Protective Hood keeps sand out of eyes and hair.
Gloves to protect hands. About any leather pair will do.
Sandblasting Abrasive

I even use a sandblaster to etch glass.
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