Saw Blades

What cuts what?

I think the saw blade is as important as the machine on which it is mounted. If the blade is dull, dirty, or the machine is dirty, it can make your job harder to cut wood and end up with the smooth accurate cut. Learn to clean cast iron tablesaw top.

Clean Saw Blades

Sometimes the saw blade can fool you into thinking it needs to be sharpened when it only needs to be cleaned. I have used blade cleaners and when I didn't have any, used my wife's oven cleaner, which works well too. Here are other saw blade cleaners.

If you determine the blade needs sharpening, then I recommend having a professional do this. I have attempted to sharpen them myself in the past and have only done harm.

When I was done doing what I believed a good job sharpening my table saw blade, (I mean how hard can it be, right?) in no time I had sharpened it right out of balance! It doesn't take much to get one blade tip out of angle from the other blade tips- or in my case most of the tips were different from each other, which is not a good idea when the blade will be cutting wood in front of you, spinning at a few thousand rpm!

This does not only cause vibration but it will also not cut wood too good! I say leave it to the pros.

What saw blade cuts what?

Generally, the more teeth the blade has the finer the cut, which also means less sanding.

Here's the norm, I believe, for 10 inch blades:

24 to 30 Tooth blade Fast rip and general purpose
40 Tooth blade Finish rip and glue line
60 to 80 Tooth blade Fine cut or finish cut

There are so many differences in table saw blades you need to read the uses for the blade before you purchase.

The angles of the blade tips are for different uses like sharp angled tips of a fast ripping blade or the flat tips of a slower ripping saw blade to cut with the grain.

There are blades designed for every cutting circumstance. Some are more expensive than others but I believe in this case you should spend what you can and get the best blades you can.

If you keep your blades sharp and clean you will have better results from your woodworking endeavors.

Most of the information here holds true for the blades for all your saws.

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Saw Blades

Stay sharp and safe as you create your woodworking projects.

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