Etching Glass with a Sand Blaster

Glass can be easily etched with a sand blaster. Duct tape will protect the glass from being etched as long as you don't move too slowly.

Check out this easy Sand Blasting project I did that took about ten minutes.

Take the glass from an old picture frame and cover it with duct tape.
The glass will be etched any where there is no cover from the sand.

So make sure the tape is applied well.


Here I'm covering all of the glass with tape.
I have decided on the top leaf pattern in my stencil, so I have cut out an area for it to fit over. You can use a paper stencil if you trace out the design on the tape first, cut with an exacto knife and remove the the tape necessary for your design.
The sand blaster will etch the glass and leave the leaf design.

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I put a strip of tape in the middle of my stencil to hold it down and keep my design sharp looking when done.
After I etched the glass on each side of the tape I removed it and added more tape where I already etched so I could finish the middle.
Looks pretty good so far with the stencil removed.
Not bad, just needs a frame and you could hang your sand blasted picture in a window or add a colored background to compliment your decor.

Get your Sand blaster and accessories here!
This is really an easy project with so many options. Your are only limited by your imagination.

You can use stencils as I did or draw your own design on the tape and then cut it out and remove it before sand blasting.

You could do names, logos, or any design you choose.

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