Small Bathroom Remodel

A complete bathroom remodel from new sheetrock to new porcelain tile installed on a 45 degree angle.

 bathroom before remodel start

 Tub, sheetrock, casing, baseboard, and linoleum all removed.

bathroom tearout

One piece acrylic tub shower unit installed.

one piece acrylic tub shower

Beadboard, sheetrock, and porcelain tile installed. Bathroom walls ready for the home owner to pick out paint color.

bathroom remodel during

 Below picture is a small closet on the right as you walk in the bathroom. It housed the hot water heater
which needed to be moved. The duct for the a/c return is what is under the hammer.

The closet was painted and had tile installed.

 bathroom closet before

Closet walls and the duct was painted. The porcelain tiles were installed before quarter round was installed.

bathroom tile

Closet system was installed along with a bi fold door.

bathroom closet after

The medicine cabinet was installed along with new crown molding.

medicine cabinet

Sliding glass shower doors

acrylic one piece shower after

Below shows the new vanity and counter top with under mount sink and new toilet installed.

new bathroomvanity

Small bathroom remodel is all done.

small bathroom remodel after

Just wanted you not to forget how it started.

bath before



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