Laminated Floor

Installing a laminate floor is not as difficult as you may think.
You can install this type of flooring yourself.

See tools I used at bottom of page.

Here is a view from the front door looking through the living room into den and dinning area.

All carpet, padding, and tack strips were removed and hauled off.

Same view with floor started.

This flooring had no foam backing, so I had to lay the black covered foam down before installing the floor.

View from den back towards front door.
Den into kitchen.

The black covered foam was installed over the linoleum before new floor was installed.

The most tedious part of the job was cutting all the angles.

The bar, fireplace, and some of the wall were at angles. It wasn't very hard, just time consuming.

Kitchen into laundry room.


Tape measure, Jig saw, hammer, tapping block, pull bar, and square.

Follow the instructions for the floor you purchase and don't be afraid to try it. Like I said it is easier than it looks.

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