Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom painted kitchen cabinets in a budget friendly dream kitchen. Here are some before and after pictures of a custom kitchen cabinet redo.

Keep in mind that no one was injured by the ugly green cabinets. They have been removed and disposed of in an undisclosed location and will not be able to haunt anyone's dreams.

Painting kitchen cabinets is easy and you will get good results if all prep work in done correctly and the right materials are used.

After the nightmare we started with this ends up a dream kitchen.

What a color pallet!! Green painted cabinets, green counter tops, green in the floor tiles, and the moldings were all painted the same green before painted white to try to make it more bearable. Didn't work.
You can see the cabinets were not properly prepared, so the paint is peeling off in many places. How about those gold painted hinges? The floor was peel and stick square tiles and half of them didn't stick anymore.
We tried to paint kitchen cabinets off white to help tone the green down some. It did make it a little more bearable. As you can see we also painted the gold hinges and added a better sink. The counter top was coming apart, the cabinet doors would not shut and there were so many loose vinyl floor tiles, we removed them all.
This corner of the kitchen was a waste with no cabinets and only a little freezer. I want to move the fridge here and add some custom painted cabinets.
The kitchen needed so much help! It was so blah with the wall color and the painted cabinets.
We started to tear everything out so we could begin building new kitchen cabinets ourselves.
What a mess! We have to work on other woodworking commitments, build new kitchen cabinets, and we have four kids who want to know "What's for dinner now that the kitchen is gone?"
I added a piece to the corner for the stove to sit against. I wanted the stove to be at a 45 degree angle in the room.
The cabinets were finished with an antique glaze to give a Tuscan look, with the stove where I wanted it-in the corner -and a new custom built stove hood using the old stove hood from the first pictures before tear out. We also added a tile back splash.
We added a lighted cabinet with glass shelves. The glass in the door has bubbles in it and looks like old glass.
Cabinets built to house the fridge where the freezer used to be. The shelves above and below the microwave are adjustable as are all the shelves in the custom cabinets. The next step is to add an oak floor.
Kitchen ceiling before.
Coffered look added to ceiling. Ceilings are a little over 9 foot tall. This was an easy woodworking project I did using 2x4's and it turned out great.

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