Kitchen Ideas

Look at these kitchen ideas and pictures of a few houses I readied for sale or for current owners. The first kitchen I added full extension drawers to make bottom cabinet access easier.

Ugly kitchen with outdated hinges and pulls. All you notice is the hinges because there are so many.

Notice small needless doors at top of cabinets. I removed the board that separated them and built the new cabinet doors cover the bigger opening.

Cabinets had been painted with latex paint over oil based paint which is a no no.
All cabinets inside and out had to be scraped and repainted.

Notice shelves are removed from pantry to be replaced with drawers.

Shelves in bottom cabinet were removed also to be replaced with large pull out drawers for pots, pans, or small appliances.

Kilz was applied before top coat of semi gloss paint was sprayed.

New counter tops and sink were installed with a water purification system.

Adding crown molding and new appliances the kitchen makeover is complete.

If you measure the drawer glides width and the cabinets depth, you can then build a box without a top, to fit between the glides and then you end up with pull out drawers for pots, pans, or small appliances.

This project is easier than you might think.

Installing larger top cabinet doors looks much better than with the original small doors that were there.

I pulled up carpet and then 1 foot square tiles to prep the floor. Here is the finished floor. Looks much better.


Here's a Kitchen painting makeover. Actually, I did the whole house to get it ready to put on the market and the second house was a rental that had been neglected.

A before. Everything was done: from painting, some electrical, plumbing, grouting tile, replacing trim and some brick work.
An after. If you look down the hall, you'll see that some of the other rooms were brightened up also.

It took about three days of nothing but prep work to ready the walls for paint, readying this house to be sold.

Here is another home in need of some love. This was a rental.

The kitchen had glue- down carpet that had to be removed.

The room you see through the doorway is a laundry room with a rotten floor.

With the carpet out, the floor cleaned and the laundry room floor replaced. I installed 1/4" luan over all of the kitchen and laundry room, screwed every 6".

vinyl flooring

Kitchen after wood- look linoleum was laid.

Also see a laminate floor I installed.


Same house, view of cabinets.
Kitchen after cabinets painted. The walls and ceiling had to be heavily prepped for primer, then painted.

I also changed out all receptacles and switches with new white ones.

The walls and ceilings in the whole house were horrible. They all needed so much repair that it took about a week before the first coat of paint went on.
Bedroom after repairs. I rented a floor sander and re coated the hardwood floors with polyurethane.

Installed new blinds throughout.

The bathroom was scary!!!!

I had to remove the wallpaper and skim coat the walls with mud because someone had textured the wall before.

The floor in front of tub was rotten and some tiles were missing.
I removed what I had to of the tile and mortar bed before replacing the rotten wood and leveling with mortar.

This was not the best way to repair the floor, but the customer didn't want the cost of total mortar bed removal and new plywood installed,

Here, the floor was covered with luan and linoleum was installed.

The vanity and sink were replaced.

The tiles were prepped and coated with Bullseye tile primer to ready for paint. It looks great.

Wish I would have taken a lot more picture of the whole project.

I hope this gives you some kitchen ideas for painting your kitchen cabinets.

Check out these pictures of a dream kitchen with painted cabinets I built.

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