Hallway Decorating

We wanted to redo the hallway and make it more inviting. It sounds strange that someone would want to make their hall more inviting but in our case it is appropriate.

Our home has a center hall down the middle of the house that measures about 8 foot wide by 40 foot long. We are not sure how old the home is, we know it was built before indoor plumbing.

Below are before and after photos of our hallway.

ugly hall
The hallway before we started to do any demolition. We didn't get much help from the vicious alert guard dog who is rarely seen awake and not snoring.
wall paper over paneling
We move the furniture out, then remove the chair rail and wall paper.
before wall tearout
The wall paper had a vinyl face to it that repelled water so we pulled off what we could the used a spray bottle to wet the wallpaper backing with water. After a couple minutes the backing easily came off.
hall way
A view from the kitchen. I started to remove the shelves.
A view from the hall into the kitchen of the shelves that are going to be ripped out to make the hall and kitchen feel bigger.
before tear out
The hallway again before tear out.
View from front door.
Removing the shelves and part of the wall.
wall tearout
Feels bigger already. Opening is 8 Feet tall by 7 and 1/2 foot wide. Ceilings are a little over 9 feet.
header installed
I used 2 -2x12s with plywood sandwiched between for a header.
primed paneling
My wife went to visit her mother so the kids and I did this to surprise her. We primed before we painted walls. The glass object is a 120 gallon fish tank standing on it's end waiting for me to build a stand. Ah the projects never end.
painted paneling
Hallway is painted with final coat of paint.
hallway makeover
Furniture moved back in and we finish the hallway decorating. I replaced all receptacles and switches with white ones and white covers to go with the newly painted white trim.
view from kitchen
View into hall from kitchen. The little dresser at the left is going to be made into a bathroom vanity soon. The big cabinets in the hall are made of cherry.

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