Small Bathroom Tile Floor Repair

Small bathroom tile had cracks in tile floor and needed to have the tile replaced.

bath tile tear up

Tearing out tile in bathroom and small hall right outside of bathroom

tilr tearout

The tile floor was originally installed on particle board and didn't hold up in bathroom. With the flooring fixed

and backerboard installed, the tile should last longer, without tile cracking problems.

backer board install

 Getting backerboard installed in small bathroom and hall. Screwed the backerboard

down every six inches square.

 backer board installed


bath tile being grouted

 Tile grout added and wiped down right before toilet was installed.

bath tile grouted

Small bathroom tile floor installed and grout done.

tile grout

Small bathroom idea to replace small bath tiles with square foot tile works. Square foot tiles are not too big

to use in a bathroom.

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