Refinishing an Antique Buffet

This refinish was not returning the piece back to original but rather matching it to a customer's finish on a previously purchased table and chairs.

funiture refinishing
Before the refinishing starts I removed the doors and drawers. The moldings were already removed and some lost. The buffet needs stripping and repair.
Below are pictures showing the condition of the piece before refinishing.
Refinishing Antique Buffet
refinishing tips
antique furniture
Here I am working wood glue behind areas where the veneer is coming loose.
glue damaged antique buffet
After gluing I put plastic between the buffet and the board I use to clamp with so the board doesn't get glued to the buffet. The board is used to distribute even pressure and so the clamps don't damage the buffet.
strip furniture
I apply stripper to remove the old finish and wipe down with mineral spirits.
Stain furniture
Here I use a rag to apply golden oak stain to the Mahogany veneer. Sounds crazy but it's the stain it took to match the dining table.
After stain dried overnight I applied 3 coats of satin lacquer with a spray gun.
after refinishing
Better than before that's for sure.
beautiful buffet
The fancy wood pieces were ordered online, stained and then applied with glue and a brad nailer. Give furniture refinishing a try, It's easier than one might think. Another furniture refinishing project done.

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