Furniture Refinishing

Furniture refinishing, antique wood furniture refinishing , and furniture refinishing repair. I apply paint and varnish stripper by hand and then remove by hand as not to damage the furniture. See more at refinishing tips and how to strip paint from a metal bed.If you're new to refinishing, and the piece is plain with no veneer or moldings, you may want to give a hand at refinishing.

Furniture refinishing is not a quick project. You must be careful stripping the finish as not to damage the wood or veneer. You can't rush the time it takes the remover to do its job, and you only want to do as little sanding and scraping as necessary as not to risk sanding through the veneer or gouge the wood.

Below is an example of a refinished Antique China Cabinet as per the customer's request of finish and color.

furniture refinishing


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When refinishing furniture with moldings and other ornate details you must carefully remove all paint or finish from the grooves without damaging the wood.

Drying times for multiple layers of stains and varnishes can also take more time than expected. You can not speed through the old finish removal and expect to have a smooth, clean surface at the end. To end up with a good quality furniture finish, you need to be sure you have the time to devote to the entire refinishing project.

Learn more furniture refinishing tips, stripping paint, proper sanding, choosing the right stain, and wood finish.



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